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R0D3 Black Wax

R0D3 Black Wax

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  • R0D3 Black Wax
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    An oversized down-filled blouson with dropped shoulders, elasticated cuffs and hem, and a generous sleeve and body. This down series features ethically farmed (raised for meat / no live plucking) European silver goose down. Cleaned and processed in Japan by Kawada Feather, this down retains its original mottled colour, as no bleach is used. With 90% down mixed with 10% feather to reduce clumping, this product has a fill-power rating of 850. To show the fill's unique colour this garment is lined with a transparent nylon micro-ripstop developed by Toray. Please note this garment is not waterproof.
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    High-density 100% cotton chambray with paraffin wax coating. Woven for MAN-TLE in Shizuoka, Japan. This cloth will develop character over time. With washing and wear it will fade, soften and irregularities in the cloth may form. This is a characteristic common to using natural fibres finished without colour-fasting chemicals and due to the changing nature of the wax coating.
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    20mm army buttons / car seatbelt tape.
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    Please note this piece is in our mens sizing, however the broad size range allows it to be unisex.

    XS - chest 126cm / center back 64cm / sleeve [neck-cb to cuff-hem] 83cm

    S - chest 130cm / center back 69cm / sleeve [neck-cb to cuff-hem] 89cm

    M - chest 134cm / center back 72cm / sleeve [neck-cb to cuff-hem] 95cm

    L - chest 140cm / center back 75cm / sleeve [neck-cb to cuff-hem] 99cm

    Please carefully check the measurements as MAN-TLE garments are generous in size.

    Sebastian is 191cm and wears size M.

    Alba is 175cm and normally wears women’s size 2. Here she wears XS.

    If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us before purchasing.