MAN-TLE products are named for their type, their timing and for the material system they fit into. The first figures define the Range number / season code. Range-1 / R1 was released for AW 2016. Range-14 / R14 was released for SS 2023. We release two main Ranges per year that coincide with the Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer seasons. Range-0 / R0 is our carryover Range of fixed MAN-TLE products, which is replenished throughout the year.

The second figure in a product name defines the style and system the garment belongs to. For example: Shirt-1 / S1 is the very first item we developed and it reappears each Range in new colours / materials. Typically S1 will belong to the MT Shirt system which includes waxed and washed versions of our MT cloth with slotted buttons and tape.

Product names prefixed with “W-” stipulate the item was designed for a female body. Names without this detail suggest the item was designed to be unisex.

We further elucidate this split by using different sizing figures. Men’s and unisex garments are sized with letters XXS to XL. Women’s specific garments are sized with numbers 0 to 4.

Most MAN-TLE shirts and outwear are generously sized and we always encourage customers to check over the measurements provided before making a purchase. Comparing the measurements to a garment you already own and enjoy the fit of can be useful.