Heavy Weight Clothing presents the collections of MAN‑TLE integrated with tools and clothing from craftspeople across the world.

MAN‑TLE itself is a group of products focused on durability, reliability, and practicality. The Australian character is determined by the stunning, rugged tactility of the landscape. Intricate and extreme, the turbulent environment requires a unique set of tools. This is the setting in which Australia's equally unique palette of ideals are forged.

With a pragmatic, egalitarian sensibility, its people apply themselves with a discerning and easy-going manner. Delivering products imbued with these qualities, MAN‑TLE garments adapt with the wearer to their evolving terrain.

Finding inspiration in Australia, MAN‑TLE integrates this into products in Japan using original cloth and hardware.

Industrialised utility scaled to everyday life; these are the products that MAN‑TLE lives with. Each item on this site elaborates the values that underpin the MAN‑TLE studio.